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KaVo multiCAD dental CAD/CAM Software

Die multiCAD CAD/CAM Software wurde zusammen mit dem Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (IGD) entwickelt CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software Fraunhofer_en - KaVo Dental
  • Intuitive, user-friendly screen design and step-by-step wizard for easy and safe design.
  • Versatile because it is completely compatible with STL data of commercial, open scanners.
  • Very fast thanks to maximum use of the predefined computer performance.

Step by step – quite simply and safely thanks to multiCAD

multiCAD CAD/CAM Software: Mit der intuitiven 
Bedienoberfläche haben  
Sie jederzeit den Überblick CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software multiCAD-software-screen - KaVo DentalKaVo multiCAD is the perfect dental CAD/CAM software for newcomers as well as for experienced individualists. The menu navigation is intuitive and user-friendly through and through. 

Create your designs simply and safely thanks to pre-defined parameter recommendations and design suggestions from KaVo multiCAD, or change the parameters according to your wishes and requirements. The results?Optimum design results. 

Your KaVo multiCAD dental CAD/CAM software package seamlessly integrates into modern hardware environments and uses the complete computer performance, for quick visualisation and realisation. MultiCAD isfully compatible with STL data of commercial, open scanners.
multiCAD - Die vielfältige CAD Software für Ihr CAD/CAM System CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software multiCAD-software-nachher2 - KaVo Dental
  • Step-by-step wizard
    • for detection of the preparation margin,
    • setting the insertion direction,
    • Designing the restoration interior (cement gap, crown edge, undercuts),
    • Positioning of the library teeth,
    • Antagonist adaptation and
    • in the laying of connectors.

  • Postprocessing without extra expenditure
    You can even easily alter designs which are already finished with multiCAD dental CAD/CAM software, without large-scale operations.
  • Automatic saving 
    Once the design process is finished, the data of the dental CAD/CAM software is automatically stored – upon transfer, the milling process may be started.
  • Simple data transmission to the partner laboratory 
    Using simple data transfer, it is also possible for a partner laboratory to complete the manufacturing, via the KaVo ARCTICA Engine.

Technical data of the multiCAD dental CAD/CAM Software

  • Indication spectrum KaVo multiCAD
    • Crowns,
    • coping,
    • anatomic bridges,
    • anatomic reduced bridge frameworks,
    • inlays,
    • veneers,
    • Maryland bridges,
    • inlay bridges,
    • overpress crowns,
    • implant abutments,
    • telescopic crowns,
    • waxups 
  • Data output KaVo multiCAD
    Open STL data

multiCAD in comparison

  Geomagic ExoCAD 3Shape
  Energy CAD KaVo multiCAD Dental Designer
Required applications      
Wax trimmer + + +
Processing of the scanned model - + -
Automatic recognition of the preparation margin + manual adaptation options + + +
2-D Preparation margin view - + +
Manual adjustment of the insertion device - + +
Output of several insertion directions in a job for single stumps - + +
Several cement gaps per stump -/+ + +
Customer-specific cement gap per stump possible - + +
Job change after the design possible + + -
Loading of existing designs possible + + (+)
Automatic adaptation of fully anatomical design proposals to stumps - + +
Telescoping devices - ++ +
Anatomical telescopes - + -
Attachments - + +
Abutment posts - + (+)
Bars - + +
Abutment + + +
Individualized abutments (+) + +
Abutment bridges - + +
Virtual articulator - (++) +
  Geomagic ExoCAD 3Shape
  Energy CAD KaVo multiCAD Dental Designer
Anatomical crowns + + +
Anatomic coping + + +
In part reduced crowns and bridges - + (+)
Anatomic bridges - + +
Bridge framework + + +
Inlays + + +
Anatomic inlays - + +
Onlays + + +
Anatomic onlays - + +
Veneers - + +
Maryland Bridges - + +
Models - (+) +
Surgical guides - - -
Overpressing technique - + +
RapidLayer technology - (+) (+)
Import I-O Scans - - +
Match Dicom with STL - + -
Spring between crown design and implant planning - - -
Waxup digital copy milling + + +
Waxup-based framework - + +
Additional facial scan module - - +
Import of colour measuring data multiple layer output (overmill) "One click solution" - + -

Before - After


Before: Simply define with multiCAD

Verschiedene Indikationen, wie z. B. Inlays und Kronen, lassen sich einfach in einem Schritt pro Kiefer definieren CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Before-After multiCAD-software - KaVo DentalCreate all desired restorations quite simply, with KaVo multiCAD. Define your desired design for the upper and lower jaw respectively. All details and individual requirements are summarised clearly, before each scan.

• Different restoration types: crowns, anatomic caps, diverse bridges, as well as inlays, are displayed per jaw.

Afterwards: design quickly with multiCAD

Schnelle Konstruktionen und Top-Ergebnisse mit der multiCAD CAD/CAM Software CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Before-After multiCAD-software-nachher2 - KaVo DentalThe restoration is quickly designed after the scan and with a guaranteed result.


Intuitive, Versatile, Quick

Product highlights of the dental CAD Software KaVo multiCAD

  • Intuitive, user-friendly screen design 
    KaVo multiCAD is the perfect dental CAD software for newcomers as well as for experienced individualists. The intuitive menu navigation is self-explanatory. Designs can be simply and safely created thanks to predefined parameter recommendations and design proposals, or completely according to individual requirements.
  • Step-by-step wizard
    The step-by-step wizard of this CAD software provides reliable support during the designing. It automatically ensures that each operating step is fully defined and carried out,
e.g. for recognising the preparation margin, setting the insertion direction, design of the restoration interior (cement gap, crown edge, undercuts), positioning of the library teeth, antagonist adjustment and creating connectors.
  • Compatibility with STL data open scanner
  • Prior to scanning, simply define 
    Defining the required design in the upper or lower jaw. All details and requirements are summarised clearly, before each scan. The restoration types are displayed for each jaw by the CAD software.
  • After the scanning: fast designing 
    After the scan, the design is created quickly and with a reliable result: reliable help with the step-by-step wizard of the dental CAD software KaVo multiCAD. Reworking without any efforts, as even completed designs can be modified without extensive intervention without any problems. On completion of the design, the data are saved automatically and then transmitted to the Everest or ARCTICA Engine.


A large bandwidth of indications make the KaVo multiCAD software with ARCTICA Scan even more attractive: 
Crowns, caps, anatomical 
bridges, anatomically reduced bridge frameworks, inlays, onlays, 
veneers, Maryland bridges, inlay bridges, overpress crowns, implant abutments, implant bridges, telescopic crowns, bar bridges, wax-ups.

Implantation module

Titanlink als Grundlage 
für Abutment CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Implantation-module multiCAD-1 - KaVo Dental3 konstruierte individuelle Abutments CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Implantation-module multiCAD-2 - KaVo DentalBrückengerüst auf individuellen Abutments CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Implantation-module multiCAD-3 - KaVo Dental

The implant module can be used to design individual abutments on titanium links. The following implant systems are stored in a database: 
  • Medentika: e;f;h;i;k,l,m,n,r,s,t,
  • Medentis
  • Nt-trading: 2con-e;l;n
  • Nt-trading: e;f;h;i;k,l,n,r,s,t,
  • Thommen o Prowital
  • Camlog: contained in update V 1.01

Likewise, simultaneous design of crowns/bridges on the abutments can also be done in one step. In addition, abutments can also be designed without titanium links as base.


Bar design module

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Bridge-design multiCad-4 - KaVo DentalCADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Bridge-design multiCad-5 - KaVo DentalCADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Bridge-design multiCAD-6 - KaVo Dental

The bar design module enables the design of bars on implants or natural tooth stumps with screw channels. In this case you can choose from different bar designs and supplement them with attachments.


CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|DicomViewer multiCAD-7 - KaVo DentalThe DicomViewer can be used to unambiguously assign imported 3-D X-ray data to the design model and to take it into account it for the design. This is particularly interesting for dentists as support during patient instruction/counselling. 

This module is also useful for bar design because it can furnish information for the statics of the bar design. 


TruSmile Module

TruSmile CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|TruSmile truSmile-200 - KaVo DentalThe TruSmile module can be used to present a designed ceramic or metal crown much like in a photograph. This representation is equal to the later patient-specific end product. This is particularly interesting for dentists as support during patient instruction/counselling.
TruSmile CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|TruSmile truSmile-480 - KaVo Dental

Virtual articulator upgrade module

  • Patient-specific parameters such as inclination of the condyle path andBennett angle can be set freely in the software
  • The positioning of the models from the mechanical articulator is transferred exactly into the virtual articulator
  • The software simulates motion tracks and automatically correctspossible sites of interference
  • Grinding-in times are thus minimised
  • Available for the ARCTICA AutoScan exclusively

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Virtual-articulator multiCAD_Arti_Einstellung3 - KaVo Dental

Laterotrusion towards the left.

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Virtual-articulator multiCAD_kieferbewegung - KaVo Dental

Motions of the jaws can be visualisedat any time.

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Virtual-articulator multiCAD_Farbmarkierung - KaVo Dental

Occlusion pattern after dynamic adjustment. Deviations (colour markings) between the static and dynamic design and the adjustment of interfering contacts in the mastication relief can be recognised.

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Virtual-articulator multiCAD_Farbmarkierung2 - KaVo Dental

The dynamic adjustment be displayed over the static adjustment as a wire mesh. Any expected sites of interference are clearly recognisable.

CADCAM-systems|multiCAD-software|Virtual-articulator multiCAD_TruSmile - KaVo Dental

After dynamic adjustment, the finalised restoration can be displayed in theKaVo multiCAD TruSmile module in photo-realistic manner

In 12 steps you will proceed from the job to the crown with ARCTICA

  • Open the dental database
  • Determine the starting situation and define the objective
  • Positioning
  • Determination of intelligent preparation lines
  • Calculate the restoration form
  • Contact point
  • Software positions the library tooth
  • Correction of the library tooth
  • Adaptation to the library tooth
  • Query for further adaptation wishes
  • Trim the antagonist
  • Calculate the crown
  • The product is ready for manufacture.